How To Avoid Being Scammed By Recruitment Agencies

The pains after being scammed by a recruitment agency

Joblessness has been a not kidding burden on practically every government all over the world. Due to the huge alumni that emerge from school consistently, the race for pursuit of employment has been extremely tough. On account of this, there has always been a campaign for more people to get into entrepreneurship to help break that chain of unemployment.

But until then, a large number of people, especially graduates are still on the run for the quest for new employment. Strangely, several recruitment agencies are exploiting what is happening on the grounds to trick, persecute, and extort monies from the guiltless job searchers.

An overwhelming number of these fraudulent agencies have ‘swallowed up‘ the couple of authentic ones in the system. Sadly, many people can’t distinguish the modus operandi of these agencies, therefore before they get to realize they have been tricked, it would’ve been late.

Who then are you reporting to? Throughout recent years, many alumni or graduates have been victims to these pitiless agencies. Subsequent to inviting you to their office and paying for their forms and whatever expenses required, the ‘story’ follows next, and the nightmare also sets in.

Sharing their stories with me, job seekers some of the time, had to beg these agents to assist with landing them the job as promised, even after all payments made. Strangely, these alleged organizations get your CV or Résumé, and land you any job whatsoever, overlooking your capabilities and the particular job you applied for.

It’s an alternate case, when the two parties (the applicant and the intermediary agency) has gone into an understanding that, when the applicant’s applied-for jobs are not certain or proving difficult to get, they can manage with a related one.

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But aside that, the agent reserves no privilege to dump a lower grade job, say a Senior High or Junior high school jobs on a degree holder with a first or second class certificate with an excuse of you’re desperately searching for a job.

Interestingly, when you complain, they outfox or to say the least, boycott you. You call them today, and they continue to tell you: ‘We Are Still On Your Job Application‘. ‘Hang On For Some Time‘. Sadly, women are generally the people who fall victim to these issues, with some in any event, surrendering to all types of ‘pressure’ from these agents.

One desperate victim who had read Marketing at the College revealed that, she even had a quarrel with one of the agents who had guaranteed her a Teller job in a bank. She had to pay a considerable amount of cash in anticipation of the job of which the compensation is extremely fat. The appealing side that moved her was when she was promised she was starting soon. So she immediately had to get a loan from a friend to pay.

The novicelike did as promised, and that was it!. No job, no money back. She complained to the director of the said agency, and it was as though an answer was immediately going to be given to her complaints. They slyly tricked her. She had to quit going there once more to look for other avenues. There are huge loads of stories out there that are untold, and would most likely scare you.

On the other hand, there are entirely dependable, and authentic recruitment agencies out there who are doing staggeringly well, assisting both young graduates and job switchers with getting their favored jobs.

Before you consider getting into entrepreneurship, sometime in the not so distant future, you would in any case have to acquire enough experience from working for other institutions.

Along these lines, job searching will be there for eternity. But be extremely careful of who you race to for a job. Get enough information about better and dependable organizations prior to making a stride for a job.

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