How To Become A Barca Member Online From Anywhere

Already, there are a huge number of people all over the world, who are members of the Catalans, Barcelona. The team is calling for additional members to join their club.

Barcelona F/C has now made it simple for fans all over the world to join their club via online from anywhere globally. Children and grown-ups can be a part by registering digitally with next to no problem.


For children (both boys and girls) between the ages of 0-5 can also become registered members. This is a special promotion to encourage the youngest members of the family to join the club. However, the annual fee is €46.

Junior Memberships:

This membership registration is for Barça fans aged between the range of 6 and 14 years. Also, there are explicit benefits to start enjoying Barcelona’s teams’ sports competitions.

Membership registration from April 1 is priced at €73, and is valid until 31 December 2022.

The yearly price is €97.

Step By Step Instructions To Register As A Member:

Just the dad, mother or legal guardian can register minor members.

Applicants who wish to register the membership of a minor must do so by providing the following documents:

  1. Original ID/Passport (both sides) or photocopy of the applicant
  2. Details of a bank account
  3. The family book (libro de familia) of the child for whom registration as a member is requested
  4. ID (both sides) of the father, mother or legal guardian.
  5. A photograph of the minor
  6. Payment of the registration fee must be made by bank card

Adult Membership:

Membership registration from April 1 is priced at €146, and registration is valid until 31 December 2022.

The annual fee 2022 is €195

Applicants must attach an identity document, a photograph and a bank account number and the payment of the registration fee must be made by bank card.

Membership registrations can be made online. Follow Barcelona’s site for details:

Online Members Registration:

In the interim, If you have already made an online registration, you can follow to figure out your status as well.

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After everything, your membership card will be delivered to the address indicated on the form. Estimated delivery time is two weeks.

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