How To Buy Tickets To Attend The Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Tickets for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games are currently on sale on the official ticketing website for fans and spectators from everywhere around the world as the sports festival draws nearer.

The Paris 2024 Hospitality program offers packages, that include tickets to attend the majority of sporting events combined with exceptional services in the competition venues (boxes, lounges) or in the heart of the city (accommodation, transport options, gastronomy, tourist activities, and so on).

To access the ticket sales, click here: tickets

However, any resale outside the official dedicated platform is disallowed. Any ticket sold or used in breach of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale may be cancelled and the holder may be refused access to the site for the session concerned. No reimbursement will be made by Paris 2024 in the event of fraud.

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