How To Change Your Two-factor-authentication Settings On Twitter

Twitter announced in February 2023 that it will remove access to SMS-based two-factor confirmation (2FA) from users who don’t pay for the organization’s $8-per-month Twitter Blue membership.

Users who already have 2FA in place have until Monday, March 20 to either sign up for Twitter Blue to keep SMS 2FA or disable it and use a third-party authentication app to set up 2FA.

Changing your 2FA settings isn’t that difficult. It takes no more than a few minutes and is quick, simple, and free. Here’s what you need to know to make sure your Twitter account is secure.

What exactly is two-factor authentication?

Essentially, two-factor authentication (also known as two-factor security) prevents unauthorized access to your account. It requires a user to affirm their personality with their secret phrase, however a second technique for validation, for example, a code sent by means of SMS instant message to their telephone.

This means that even if a bad person knows your password and tries to access your account, they would have to go through an additional step first.

The company has been slashing costs wherever it can since Elon Musk bought Twitter last year. Musk claimed in a tweet that swindlers were causing the company to lose $60 million annually due to bogus SMS charges, which led to the 2FA change.

Twitter Subscribers Will Now Use Text Messages As A 2FA

Twitter stated that it is discontinuing phone-number based 2FA because it has been “used and abused by bad people on its official announcement page.

How to Change the Settings for Your Two-Factor Authentication:

To begin, select “security and account access” from the settings menu on your desktop or mobile Twitter account. To get to the 2FA page, select the “security” option from there and follow the onscreen instructions.

The most straightforward method will be to set up two-factor authentication with an authentication app, especially for mobile users. Well known and dependable applications incorporate Google Authenticator, Couple Portable and Twilio’s Authy.

Follow the directions on Twitter to link the app to your account after downloading it. Your account will be ready once that is finished.

But take note that, you won’t lose access to your account if you don’t update your settings by March 20. However, when Twitter automatically disables your text-based 2FA, it will become less secure.

You will still be able to use Twitter, but anyone with access to your account credentials will be more likely to take control of it.

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