How To Do WhatsApp Video Calls With Up To 32 People

WhatsApp has launched a number of improvements to WhatsApp’s calling features this year, allowing users to securely communicate with friends, coworkers, and communities.

The instant texting service has introduced new features for better interfacing collectively on calls:

32 person calls: Just like with voice calls, you can now do video calls on your mobile with up to 32 people, four times the number of people than before.

Message or mute call participants: Long pressing on a participant will enlarge the video or audio feed and allow you to either mute or message them separately while keeping the calls going.

More Privacy With Default Disappearing Messages On WhatsApp

Call links: Whether making a last minute call or planning ahead, you can easily invite people to a group call by sharing a call link
We’ve also made design changes for a more seamless calling experience:

Colorful waveforms: Now you can easily see who is speaking if their camera is off.
In-call banner notifications: See when someone new joins a group call.

Picture in Picture on iOS: Now in beta testing and rolling out in the new year, easily multitask while on a call thanks to a minimized in-call video screen.

As is customary, WhatsApp automatically encrypts all calls from beginning to end to ensure the safety and privacy of its users.

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