How To Properly Apply For A Job, According To A Google Recruiter

If you’re going after a job, it might seem like the long and short of it is ensuring your resume mirrors the language of the expected set of job description, your cover or introductory letter explains why you want the position, you’ve had multiple people read both — and then, finally, you’ve sent in all of your material.

While those are vital stages in the request for employment process, there is another step that comes in the wake of applying which “everybody usually fail on,” says Nolan Church, a former Google and DoorDash recruiter and the current CEO of Continuum, a talent commercial place for executives.

That is following up the application with a message on LinkedIn and a personalized email to the organization hiring manager and the CEO.

Regardless of whether the organization you’re applying to is Google, Apple etc. and you’re sending an email to the hirer, make it happen, Church says. That email might not be read by him, but someone on his team might see it and send it to HR or even a VP.

According to Nolan Church, an ex-Google recruiter, this is how to go about writing these applications:

Start writing these messages on LinkedIn to learn how to do so. Add the CEO and the hiring manager on the site and send them one sentence saying you’ve recently applied to this job. Then search for their messages via social media accounts or the organization’s site.

Introduce yourself and what you do in your emails. Reiterate that you have applied for this position, explain why you are a good fit, and say why you love the company.

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Preferably, a portion of this will be reflected in both your resume and introductory letter as of now. However, you could do that in six sentences.

You could also send the application materials as an attachment to the email. This’ll make you stick out and will portray “For what reason are you a solid match for the job”

A hiring manager’s responsibility is to find the individual that will perform best in the job they need to fill. Assuming you’ve gone the additional step of making sense of why you are that person, you’ve done aspect of their responsibilities for them.

In addition, it shows that you’re doing research, shows that you really need the work and are focused on getting it.

In a perfect recruiting process, both sides are assessing each other, and if you have already started that process, you’re actually making your life a lot easier.

Credit: Nolan Church, former Google recruiter (CNBC)

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