How To Remove Your Personal Information On Google Search Results

Google has introduced a feature that will caution you when your personal information gets posted on the web. With this, you can pair that feature with the “Remove Your Results” device to make it hard for people to see that online.

This doesn’t erase the information off the web, yet it makes it so it doesn’t seem when your name is looked through in Google.

If you Google your name, address or phone number, you might be surprised by the number of results you see with your personal information. However, because of Google, there’s a hidden feature in Google that will alert you when it finds these results, that will allow you to remove them quickly.

Google has around 83% of the search market, as indicated by Statista, and is a long ways ahead of contenders like Microsoft’s Bing, Yippee or DuckDuckGo. That implies, if people are searching for your information, odds are they’ll try Google first.

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This approach is not quite the same as requesting that Google remove private results. All things considered, this feature proactively looks for your phone number, email and personal residence and will alarm you when it tracks down something. Then, you can just ask Google to remove it from indexed lists.

But take note that, Google doesn’t remove your information from the internet, but it scrubs it from Google Search and makes it harder for people to find.

Here’s How To Do It:

Open your web browser and type

Select “Results to review.”

Choose “Get started” and press “Next,” twice.

Add your personal info: name, address, phone number, email. You can add multiple entries for each one.

Confirm this is all your information.

Choose the way that you want to be notified.

You can choose email or push notifications, or both.

Last, you will get a pop-up that says, “We’re taking a look.”

Now just wait for notifications from Google. When you get one, you can choose to have Google remove it from Google Search or opt to leave it. That’s up to you.

Tip: If you made any errors, or want to go back in and edit, just return to the “Results About You” page and make your changes.

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