How To Share Information About Natural Disasters When They Emerge On Twitter

Twitter has always worked with developers and partners around the world to share important information, provide real-time updates, help with relief efforts, and do a lot more. In addition, they take steps to correct false information that may emerge during these crises.

The online social networking service has compiled a list of some of the ways Twitter can be utilized to assist during natural disasters in order to help ensure that their service continues to be a resource for as many individuals as possible.

Twitter is promoting preparedness and raising public awareness of natural disasters in advance of their occurrence. As a result, the company frequently works with other organizations to inform people about extreme weather and other potential emergencies and prepare them for it.

For instance, in September 2022, Twitter Australia and the Australian Red Cross collaborated on a Timeline and Trend Takeover campaign to assist individuals in preparing for weather-related emergencies. Within a single day, nearly 5 million people viewed the #EmergencyReady campaign.

Nobody is left behind or overlooked when disaster preparations are in place. At a crucial time of year for all Australians, Twitter Australia generously provided national visibility for important safety messages about disaster preparedness.

Twitter frequently collaborates with international crisis response organizations to help improve the capacity of those communicating with disaster-affected populations.

Twitter can be a useful tool for disseminating important information in order to remain safe during natural disasters.

For instance, in the wake of the earthquake that occurred in Puebla in 2017 in Mexico, the company worked with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to compile a list of the most effective ways to communicate via Twitter during times of crisis that could be shared.

In a similar vein, in 2021, as Japan approached the tenth anniversary of the Thoku earthquake and tsunami, the Twitter team published a set of illustrations containing significant details regarding the most effective way to communicate via Twitter in an emergency.

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This year, the company went one step further by holding Twitter Spaces events with Japanese local media and other social media platforms to discuss disaster preparedness and reporting strategies. In addition, Twitter developed hashtags and an individual origami crane emoji to encourage participation in important discussions regarding the topic.

Using Search Prompts for Information:

When searching for keywords on Twitter that are related to current emergency situations, people work to find information that is reliable and authoritative first.

One important way to accomplish this is through search prompts. Twitter launched the #ThereIsHelp prompt to direct Pakistani audience to the Pakistani Red Crescent Society’s emergency helpline when heavy flooding began in June 2022.

In a similar vein, search prompts were developed during this year’s Typhoon Noru in Southeast Asia and the Taal Volcano eruption in the Philippines to facilitate the rapid delivery of reliable information to Twitter users impacted by these extreme weather events.

Twitter has tools like Moments and Lists that can be used to create a centralized source of reliable information during natural disasters.

Fully expecting 2022’s Storm Ian in the US, for instance, a Twitter Moments was made to hoist public help data as well as enhance declarations from neighborhood policing crisis administrations.

Moments® can also be used to address and correct deluding data, similar to when remarks on typhoon readiness made by the US president in August 2021 were erroneously credited to Tropical storm Ian.

Twitter Lists, in addition to Moments, can be used to quickly collect and share information about emergency services and natural disasters.

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For instance, a specialized TwitterLifeline List has been established in Japan, highlighting the Twitter accounts of crisis organizations, public transportation services, and prefectures. A list highlighting tweets in real time that are related to the earthquake was recently published by Twitter México.

Meanwhile, an automated Twitter account that has been documenting earthquakes in the San Francisco Bay area since 2009 was created by developers in California by utilizing the API of Twitter.

Twitter also establishes data partnerships to gain a deeper comprehension of platform-wide conversations. Most recently, they looked at four extreme weather events to make predictions for future ones and learn more about the patterns of those who were affected by natural disasters.

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