How To Use Google Photos’ Magic Eraser On iOS/Android Phones

The Magic Eraser is now available to all iOS and Android users who subscribe to the Google One cloud storage service. The feature first appeared on the Pixel 6 series.

Additionally, this feature will be available to all Pixel models prior to the Pixel 5a, even if they do not subscribe to Google One. The Magic Eraser gets rid of things that distract from the people in your photos. The Magic Eraser can only be used with the Google Photos app installed on your phone.

How To Effectively Use The Magic Eraser

To use the Magic Eraser, open the Google Photos app and tap on a photo that you’d like to edit. After tapping Tools, select Edit from the menu that appears beneath the image. The button will be located under the photo if you are able to use the Magic Eraser. The phone will suggest people and things to delete when you tap on it. If not, draw a circle with your finger around the person or thing you want removed from the photo. It will magically disappear.

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When you use the Magic Eraser, you might notice that there are two options available to you: “Erase” and “Camouflage.” Be sure to highlight the Erase button if you plan to use the Magic Eraser. The latter button should be pressed and highlighted if you want to use Camouflage. Camouflage is a feature that takes attention away from the subject of your photo by dimming the color of objects that might otherwise be too vibrant.

In addition, Google is adding a new feature to the HDR effect that balances photos with bright backgrounds and dark foregrounds to bring out more details. The HDR effect will now adjust your videos’ brightness and contrast. Additionally, all Google Photos users can now use Styles on a single photo in the collage editor for those who enjoy making collages. Additionally, Pixel and Google One subscribers will have access to the new Styles.

At first, it was thought that a phone with the AI-focused Google Tensor or Google Tensor 2 chipset would be required to use these features, but it appears that the company has come up with a way around this requirement.

Lastly, print store orders from the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom qualify for free shipping if you are a Google One member. A free trial of these features will be made available to users who are not already Google One members at the beginning of the following month.

Google One can be downloaded from the App Store for the iPhone or the Play Store for Android devices. This App Store link can be used to install the Google Photos app on an iPhone.

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