Howard Stern Advises President Donald Trump, Not Happy With Him

Howard Stern

During the wedding function of Howard Stern in 2008, one of the exceptional guests was Donald Trump. Actually, the President was Howard’s dear companion but the radio host isn’t content with the President since he thinks he inclines toward the to hobnob with the rich and famous, than the ordinary people.

As per Howard Stern, one thing Trump cherishes is VIPs, he adores the celebrated and wants to be in the blend.

Howard did this via his show to advice his former companion, Trump on the SiriusXM radio show. He adviced Trump to cease from that, in light of the fact that the people Trump ignores most, love him the most.

Advising Trump on the 12th of May, 2020 on his radio show, Howard Stern was blunt and said:

“The oddity in all of this is the people Trump despises most, love him the most,” said Stern on Tuesday. “The people who are voting for Trump, for the most part … He wouldn’t even let them in a f*cking hotel. He’d be disgusted by them. Go to Mar-a-Lago, see if there’s any people who look like you. I’m talking to you in the audience.”

He further said:

“I do think it would be extremely patriotic of Donald to say, ‘I’m in over my head, and I don’t want to be president anymore.’”

“It’d be so patriotic that I’d hug him,” said Stern, “and then I’d go back to Mar-a-Lago and have a meal with him and feel good about him because it would be such an easy thing to do.”

Howard Stern figures Trump didn’t intend to be the President of the United States.

He stated:

“I firmly believed that Donald did not want to run for president. I don’t think it was serious. I don’t think he wanted to be the president. I knew him. He had a great life at Mar-a-Lago.”

“NBC was balking at giving him a raise,” said the Stern Show host, because the ratings were going down. “So what’d he say? ‘I’ll run for president. I’ll get a lot of press.’ This was a gimmick to raise up his salary and to keep The Apprentice on.”

Strangely, in 2016, Howard Stern freely supported Hillary Clinton for president but that was not the end his friendship with the now-President. Furthermore, Howard said, he does not dislike Trump but hates to vote for him.

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