Humans Will Always Be Humans!

Joyce Blessing

Months ago, one of Ghana’s best Gospel performers, Joyce Blessing separated from her better half DaveJoy for reasons obscure to the general population. Another grapevine that circled the issue was when DaveJoy’s sister was said to have additionally whisked away the offspring of Joyce Blessing.

It was a terrible situation but that was what was dispersed. When this news broke, several people were imparting their opinions with respect to the marriage breakdown.

That said, others didn’t want to go that digression on the grounds that, as a hallowed union made by God, we have no right to poke our noses into such institutions.

After all, nobody visualize to experience such difficult situation, Because these unfortunate circumstances do show up without notice. You don’t need to be informed that, life is loaded with good and bad times, in this manner anything is possible at a point in time.

Gospel diva Joyce Blessing, perhaps didn’t expect this at the time, yet it showed up on her ‘supper table’ like an acrid dinner. Many people did not fathom why such an incredible artist of the gospel ought to be emballed with such circumstance.

Obviously, similar cases have happened around the world, with top gospel artists like Joyce Blessing, additionally experiencing same hard times. Meanwhile, the issue is still in court.

To brace a point, American gospel vocalist Damita Haddon was beautifully married to Deitrick Haddon for a long time. Out of nowhere, the marriage hit the rocks to the shock of many people. In fact, there are tons of gospel ministers including pastors who have also experienced this but had to swallow the bitter pill.

In Ghana, there are similarly endless number of gospel artists and even ministers who have one way or the other tasted this ‘pill’ of broken relationships. Aside from their gospel serving, they are humans as we all are.

As human beings, we will undoubtedly confront the real factors of life as long as we are not profound creatures. Subsequently, should anything of this sort happens to gospel ministers, it isn’t our prerogative to pass judgment or investigate the couple. Nobody is Perfect!

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