I Am Very Sorry – Rihanna Apologizes To Muslims


American singer Rihanna has apologized to Muslims subsequent to utilizing a dubious tune at her most recent Savage X Fenty Fashion show. After the show, she was intensely condemned online for using the song ‘Doom’ by artist Coucou Chloe, which includes a Muslim book known as a Hadith.

As indicated by Rihanna, the utilization of the song was an irresponsible and an indiscreet slip-up.

Hadith is part of a collection of texts believed to be the spoken words of the Prophet Muhammad. After the sacred book the Koran, and the Hadiths are viewed as the absolute most significant strict writings to Muslims. In this manner, anything that conflicts with it in any capacity, stands to be on an inappropriate move for them.

In Rihanna’s melody, the Arabic verse used in the tune is part of Hadith about day of atonement. Meanwhile, Coucou Chloe has additionally apologized, saying she didn’t know that the song contained the Islamic verses.

According to Coucou, when she originally saw the video, it caused her to feel somewhat debilitated. Particularly when Hadith was placed into the song where some women were moving around in lingeries.

That said, some Muslim allies have scrutinized the use of the song when the unmentionables show spilled on Amazon Prime on 2 October, 2020. They are upset with what happened.

After Rihanna’s statement of regret, severalpeople are glad that, the artist has apologized, and gather large brands like Rihanna need more Muslim individuals in these industries that can get on things like this. They are of the view that religion especially Islam isn’t aesthetic.

Then again, some of the Muslims are as yet annoyed, and are saying: they will never purchase Fenty items or in any event, promote it on their Instagram pages any more. This isn’t the first run through Rihanna has bee blamed for lack of care towards Islam.

In 2013, she was approached to leave a mosque in Abu Dhabi in the wake of modeling for “unseemly pictures”.

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