“I Don’t Like Russia Starting This Invasion” – Russian Journalist

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Marina Ovsyannikova

The Russian journalist who intruded on a state TV news bulletin and declared a stop to the attack on Ukraine has been fined by a Russian court.

Marina Ovsyannikova, who is an editor at Russian-own Channel One, was fined $280 after she burst onto the set of a live transmission of the evening news on Monday March 14, holding a sign protesting the attack, and yelling:

“Stop The War”.

Ovsyannikova has been ordered to pay the fine following a trial on Tuesday. The fine is apparently comparable to a different video she made not long before her live dissent.

However, it is very possible that Ovsyannikova could pay extra charges. According to unknown source, the Russian Investigative Committee had started a preliminary investigation into the journalist’s case.

“It was my anti-war decision. I made this decision by myself because I don’t like Russia starting this invasion. It was really terrible,” Ovsyannikova told the BBC after the hearing.

Speaking to the media, Ovsyannikova said, she had gone two days with no rest, and had been questioned for over14 hours.

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The media is firmly controlled in Russia, with state TV, which intently follows the Kremlin line, the main news hotspot for a huge number of Russians.

That is due to the introduction of another regulation intended to take action against hostile to war disagree following Russia’s attack of Ukraine.

The law, which was passed on March 4, makes it illicit to discredit Russia’s military and boycotts the spread of purported “Fake news.” The offense comes with a prison term of as long as 15 years.

From that point forward, multiple dozen Russian news sources have stopped operations or been blocker by the country’s media controller. Numerous international news organizations and social media platforms including the BBC and Meta’s Facebook have also been banned.

In the interim, close to 15,000 people have been confined for protesting the war.

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