I Present To You One Of Ghana’s Great Vocalists, Prince Bright!

Prince Bright

Some time during the 90s, a music group called BuKBaK popped up with arrangement of good tunes that caught the attention of everybody in Ghana. Among the group was an energetic man with an extraordinary vocal capacities that consistently pulls in everyone to tune in to the group. This chap is Prince Bright.

As a Hip-Life performer, this singer other than his vocals was amazingly good at the Hip-Life rap style (an exceptional genre of music in Ghana sung in the local language). Prince Bright’s consideration in the then most sultry hip-Life genre was simply incomprehensible. His ‘sweet’ voice could do everything in a tune.

Hip-Life can never be referenced without Prince Bright. At the time, he was one of the most smoking apart from heavyweights like Lord Kenya, Obrafour, Nkasei, Native Funk Lords, Reggie Rockstone, Mensah, Yoggie Doggy, Pinnochio, Madfish, Akyeame, Akatakyie and a number of these hip-Life folks. Prince has been consistent to date particularly when BukBak was defunct and one of the members passing on. Prince Bright never gave up but exclusively pushed on to make up for lost time with the present pattern of music in Ghana and across the world.

Prince has released more hit singles that have been listed in music charts and even topped various chart in Ghana. These ‘mad’ singles which includes the well known tune, ‘Small Thing’ did very well. This track pulled in loads of followers for him after an extended period of time off the scene. The ‘Small Thing’ track which was released in 2018 was a good composition, backed by extraordinary instrumentals. As good as the melody is, it moved his fans as well as everybody who cherishes great music .

His innovativeness is essentially clever as he continued releasing singles to get up to speed with the new artists in the music industry. He has on innumerable events featured on melodies of lots of big both in Ghana and over the world. Prince Bright has cut an excellent specialty for himself for well over the twenty years he had remained in the industry.


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In 2018, he released ‘Pioto’ and ‘Small thing’. Notwithstanding, he additionally released ‘Come to Daddy’, ‘Small thing remix’, ‘Car battery’, ‘Makoma’ and ‘Bangladesh’ in 2019.

Prince Bright has worked with practically all the fine artists, including (Sarkodie) on the track ‘Oofeetsó’ which actually signifies, ‘you’re over doing it’. As a matter of fact, some people allude the track as Jealousy (skin pain). Prince Bright’s entrance to the Oofeetsó tune and the whole track was awesome, taking a gander at his vocal abilities. In any case, Prince Bright later released another single track ‘Wish’ which similarly did very well.

Prince Bright once of BukBak fame, is arguably Ghana’s best male vocalist, and a zapping live entertainer. You just wouldn’t have any desire to miss any of his performances.

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