‘I Want To Do It Again For Sure’ – Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland

Manchester City won the Champions League with Rodri’s strike in a 1-0 victory against Inter in Istanbul. Haaland and his girlfriend were seen celebrating the victory on the field after the game.

However, as indicated by the striker, he has previously focused on repeating their success next season, and that implies he will remain for another season.

The rivals of Manchester City were warned by Erling Haaland that their Treble success has not nearly satisfied his desire for trophy success.

Even though he failed to score in the Istanbul final against Inter Milan, the Norwegian striker has been the club’s most important player in its successes in the Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League.

He stated,

‘Even in my wildest dreams I did not think of this as happening to 22 year old me. It shows it is possible for a guy from a small town in Norway.

‘It also gives motivation to other young people in my situation playing football, in an indoor hall in my home town, unbelievable.

‘I said earlier about having good people around me throughout my whole life having good people you can trust even more important nowadays, to have this is fantastic, my mum and father I am so happy.

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Haaland believes he can still improve further under Pep Guardiola following his debut season.

‘I think after a couple days when this settles a bit, this feeling of winning this trophy I want to do it again for sure. I know this is how I will think.

‘We have to defend what we won this season. In a month or two everything is forgotten, that’s life.’

In spite of failing to score in the final, Haaland contributed 52 goals to Man City’s High pitch winning season.

The striker demands he can in any case, work on further and believes City manager Pep Guardiola can keep on developing his game.

Haaland stated,

‘I can improve a lot,’ Haaland said.

‘On a good day I could have scored two goals but really dont care about that right now, in finals it is about winning you all know that, about getting the trophy.

‘He [Guardiola] is really emotional, in such a big game, the pressure is unbelievable,

‘To work for him is really special, we have a really good relationship, he helps me a lot and next season I am looking forward to improving more.

‘To get trained by the best coach in the world every day is a good place to be.’

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