If A Man Takes Care Of Everything, What Role Do Women Play? Cardi B Sparks A Big Debate

Cardi B

American rapper Cardi B has faced heavy criticisms for her recent dubious women’s activist comment.

The rapper has mixed contention with her women’s activist remarks and her perspectives on equal relationship. In a widely shared-video, she scrutinized the idea of a 50/50 split in relationships, proposing that if a man takes care of everything, which role do women play in the relationship?

Cardi B has killed the possibility that house chores like cooking and cleaning are equal to adding to the household. She underlined her confidence in traditional gender roles, expressing that men ought to be the essential providers for their families. She featured the significance of shared responsibilities in specific viewpoints, such as buying a home, and reprimanded the internet for distorting people’s perceptions of reality.

She shared her views sparking debates:

“My money is mine, his money is his, but we both spend on each other.” She added, “I’m old school,” kicking up a social media storm.

“But that’s just how I see it. I’m an old-school romantic,” she said, wrapping up her comments in the video.

Cardi B’s perspective sparked a debate in the comment section, with one fan stating, “She’s speaking facts.”

Another fan commented, “I’m with Cardi! Partnering up with your man to enhance your lives is perfectly fine!”

Fans’ Reactions:

“Girl, WHAT?! How can you say that’s why you’re not a feminist anymore? I usually like you, but that statement gave me the ick.

Another user commented, “And just like that, I’m Team Nicki…”

It’s critical to make reference to that the notable couple Cardi B and Offset has encountered ups and downs. In spite of facing challenges, like their leaked video that caused a split and allegations of disloyalty, they were recently seen together on a heartfelt event.

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This shows they may be accommodating their relationship, conceivably for their children, despite past challenges.

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