If You’re An Engineer, Your Job Search May Be Over In 2020 Via LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the few social media networks that houses business executives and professionals in all areas. It is apparent that employers pick out applicants or job hunters on this vibrant network. The same way many business executives land on pinnacle positions through connections on LinkedIn. It is clear that most people’s career got a prime push through the network that has hundreds of thousands of people on it.

However, based on the statistics given above, Hot jobs LinkedIn has predicted careers that will be on the upward push next year, 2020. From the report, engineering leads the listing of careers who will be given a whole lot attention. Artificial intelligence specialists are forecasted to be the hot job for the year beforehand particularly in the United States.

Per LinkedIn’s survey, Artificial Intelligence (AI) jobs have for some years now grown hastily by greater than 73%. Their salaries are on the high now as it shows a take home pay of $136,000 a year. Well, that’s a terrific signal for those in the laptop software, internet, information generation and customer electronics industries.

Per the identical survey, it was also recognised for a reality that those in the engineering industry(data scientists, robotic engineers, stack engineers, website reliability engineers) annual salaries ranges from $85,000 to $145,000

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