Impending Ghana’s Presidential Elections: Step By Step Guide On What To Do At The Polling Station

As indicated by the constitution of Ghana, after every four (4) years, general elections are to be held to assign another President as per the people’s desire.

It’s four years as of now, and by and by, Ghana’s Presidential Elections is here once more. About twelve political parties are all ready to battle it up for the position as heads of the country.

The elections which is set to fall off on the seventh of December, 2020, will see both Parliamentary and Presidential candidates racing to see who wins a seat.

Notwithstanding, electorates or voters are to observe how to follow the steps to cast a ballot effectively.

On the election day, go to the Polling Station with your Voter ID card and join the queue if any. And please don’t jump the queue.

A polling assistant will check your particulars in the name reference list.

A verification officer will verify your identity as a registered voter with the verification machine.

You will be issued with a Presidential Ballot paper. Please check to see if it has no marks on it. Also, ensure it has the validating stamp.

Make your way to the Voting Booth and thumbprint (correctly) your choice of candidate.

Cast your vote in the Presidential Ballot Box. Please make sure it is the right box.

Proceed to the next Polling Assistant for a Parliamentary Ballot Paper.

Proceed to the Parliamentary Voting Booth and thumbprint (correctly) your choice of MP.

Cast your ballot in the Parliamentary Ballot Box. Please make sure it is in the correct box.

Please leave the Polling Station after voting. You can return at 5 pm for the count.

The DO’s And DON’T’s Of A Voter

Abstain from bribery.

Vote only once in a particular election.

Don’t engage in multiple voting.

Keep your voter’s ID card safe.

Avoid undue influence.

Leave the polling station after casting your vote.

Avoid impersonation.

Keep your secret.

Be law-abiding at the polling station.

Give other voters the chance to vote.

Encourage other voters to participate in elections.

Ghana’s Presidential Elections has for years, been held by an independent body– Electoral Commission. The outfit works to promote public confidence in the democratic process and ensure its integrity.

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