Importations Of Used Cars Banned By Zimbabwe

The government of Zimbabwe has forced a prohibition on the importation of used cars older than 10 years, as the country moves to renew its car industry and cut ozone harming substance outflows.

Be that as it may, commercial vehicles, for example, farm vehicles, haulage trucks, earth-moving equipment and other specific vehicles used in mining and development are absolved from the new prerequisite.

As indicated by the government, about 1.3 billion U.S. dollars was spent on importing buses and light business and traveler vehicles from 2015 to September 2020.

That said, because of absence of viable standards and regulations, road unworthy vehicles, which, in certain cases neglect to fulfill environmental and safety guidelines, find their way onto the market.

Over the past ten years, Zimbabwe has seen a remarkable ascent in the volume of vehicular traffic on the streets, driven by the accessibility of modest imported vehicles predominantly from Japan.

A few pundits are of the view that, imports of unacceptable used cars are adding to street savagery just as intensifying contamination that hampers efforts to relieve the impacts of environmental change.

According to the government, Zimbabwe will soon begin to locally manufacture buses for the mass public vehicle system as a component of government’s effort to restore the nation’s once energetic car industry and to decrease the import bill.

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