In Africa, The Elderly Is Always Right!!

In as much as you’ve experienced the youthful stage, you’ll certainly be old sometime in the future. It is clear and a reality that regardless of the present status of an older person, he has experienced a great deal of challenges in life before getting this far. They may have seen everything, in this manner have stifled such a large number of life encounters.

For certain, they know a great deal that the youth can take advantage of. However, a portion of these equivalent older people exploit their age to smother the more youthful ones from various perspectives. This sort of mistreatment is increasingly drilled in Africa in spite of the fact that, they may also be normal in some parts of the world.

It’s somewhat heartbreaking that when there is an issue between the old and a lot more youthful person, regardless of the issue being examined, the younger one is constantly seen as liable. It doesn’t make a difference whether the latter is correct or not, there is an assurance that he will most likely lose. In Africa, the cultural training and the upbringing is totally different, and it has wandered its way into all parts of our reality.

In our schools, houses of worship, workplaces and even our homes, the old is in many situations right as against the younger one. There are a few examples that can be associated with the topic and this incorporate a situation where an artist was signed to a music record label. After some time, he quit the label for various reasons for another organization. Yet before he left, he had composed innumerable number of tunes for the initial record label.

Few years after, his melodies were sold by the head of the label to different artists without his insight. Evidently, there was an understanding between them that his tunes will never be offered to some other entertainer but himself. The performer grumbled and everybody was at his neck. Many people including radio hosts bludgeoned him for being ungrateful.

That aside, a minister of God utilized his position and age to trick one of his church members in a business deal for no evident explanation. The church member was stunned and needed to seek counsel from other Senior church leaders for explanation on why the minister did that. He did that because, the tricked church member had been calling the pastor by means of telephone but he wouldn’t pick up. Shockingly, the bitter man was advised to shut up, and that he is dealing with an older man, as a matter of fact, a minister of God.

Elsewhere, a young boy between the ages of 12 and 13 consistently observed his father beat up his mother and when he attempts to separate the fight, he is pushed aside by his father. The kid quickly complained to his aunt, yet she was unable to help. All she could say was: “children of today, by what means can your dad do that. He is an elderly person, don’t express this issue to any other person”. She warned the kid.

There are such huge numbers of instances of this nature that have showed up before disciplinary panels and even arbitration centres but in the end, the younger one loses regardless of whether he has proof to back his claims or not. In Africa, aside from the court that don’t regard age in lawful issues, all other home or discretion cases are won pass on by the more established age.

It is in some cases extremely pernicious when you notice that, you’re at the better spot to be the blameless person but instead toppled against you. This kind of thing has been with us since Adam and if we don’t end it, clearly it will prompt absence of trust in the more older age. Furthermore, it has brought forth a few different repercussions but we appear not to acknowledge it.

Aside from losing confidence in the elderly in our society, the young ones themselves will also lack confidence and trust in themselves. Maybe our cultural values and the way of upbringing needs more overhaul since it appears that, when a much younger individual cruise through to be successful, people including some old folks thinks he is too young to achieve that accomplishment .

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