In The U.S – Over 1,700 COVID Deaths Are Recorded In Just A Day

The deadly Covid-19 pandemic began coolly but started ascending at a faster speed by transforming into a ‘humanitarian calamity’.

Several countries have been hard hit by the infection in so many ways, including the United States. The number of deaths in the country continues ascending consistently.

In fact, doctors and medical caretakers don’t feel like legends any longer in the U.S. At least in excess of 1,700 new Covid-19 deaths was accounted for on November 17, as indicated by information from Johns Hopkins University.

This is reported as the highest daily death toll since May 14. According to some medical professors in the U.S, it’s simply going to deteriorate, if actions are not made right away.

Overall, in only three weeks, the U.S have recorded 70,000 to 80,000 (new) cases every day. In about 94 States, the Covid cases seems to be in ascent and almost 94% cases are reported.

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