Institutions Call On Customers To Wear Face masks Before Visiting Their Offices

During the President Nana Akufo Addo’s address in the lifting of Ghana’s partial lockdown, he made mention of a huge point about the removal.

In his announcement, he said despite the fact that the restrictions are no more, all citizens are as yet required to hold fast to the prudent steps so not to pull in increasingly infected cases.

Hence, all institutions who are presently working in Ghana are importuning its clients to observe the Covid-19 security conventions before entering their corridors for business.

All financial Institutions, Telecommunication networks, private firms and every single other association are asking customers to obligatorily wear their face covers before visiting their premises for business transactions.

With regards to orders from the Government of Ghana and Local Authorities to control the spread of the COVID – 19 pandemic, all institutions who are as of now effectively working in Ghana requires all customers visiting their workplaces to submit to the standards as there will be strict enforcements if the need arises.

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