Irene Serwaa: An Excellent Host Considerate Of The Audience Needs

Irene Serwaa Kwafo

Radio educates and entertains the listening public. But in truth, if the two (education and entertainment) will make sense, it is dependent on the one behind the radio console.

A broadcaster should be entirely knowledgeable, shrewd, brilliant, all around informed, articulate, great communicator, grasp on the English language or whatever language being used and exceptionally apprised with all that has to do with carrying the most recent or updated information to listeners in general.

Irene Serwaa Kwafo is one of the few broadcasters with such aforementioned on-air qualities. Irene always walks to the studios of Pluzz 89.9 FM to educate, especially to entertain her audience members consistently every week in the mornings and evenings.

Irene is always locked to her morning show in addition to the ‘LockDown‘, which is the evening drive show with Nana Lion, one of the finest radio presenters.

Irene Serwaa Kwafo arrives at the office of Pluzz 89.9 FM, gets ready to go on air with the help of her producer and DJ. She goes Live, and it’s all smiles as she does what she loves best.

Jeremie Van-Garshong’s Broadcasting Style – A High Standard Of Journalism

Irene has been a producer for several radio personalities in various media organizations. She has along these lines, acquired such a lot of experience with every single radio outfit. She has worked with quite a number of radio broadcasts including Kumasi-based stations through to Accra.

As an all around informed producer and a host, it is legitimized why she now put such a lot of smiles on a large number of people who listen to her regularly on Pluzz FM.

Irene’s professional media etiquettes, beautiful voice and top of it all, her irresistible tittering that resounds with the audience members has been a fine brand for her.

She just loves her work and has consistently made it appealing to many hopeful individuals and, surprisingly, her mentees. Interestingly, when she comes face à face with the main ‘LockDown‘ Host Nana Lion, then, it’s all fun and excitement.

Nana Lion

Irene is one of the fine and dandy public broadcast hosts with a perfect style of presentation. Her l-o-n-g Laughter has always been her brand name!.

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