Is American Idol Host, Ryan Seacrest Still In Charge Of The Show?

Ryan Seacrest

All admirers of American Idol will validate to the fact that, one man of his word who similarly made the gig exceptionally intriguing and alluring is the host, Ryan Seacrest. After some time, Seacrest was not a single where in sight on the show. That has brought up issues of why he has disappeared, particularly being the host for several years (season after season) for quite a while.

Many months back, gossipy tidbits had it that, Seacrest himself quit and needed American radio host Bobby Bones as a potential replacement. According to reports, Seacrest was did not like to be a part of the show, however no clarification was offered concerning why the media character had concluded he was finished with the show.

That said, sources near the show coordinators say, Ryan Seacrest was not stopping, and that, the part about Bobby Bones supplanting Seacrest was similarly bogus. Bobby Bones, at a point covered up for Ryan Seacrest when he was unwell.

American radio show host, Bobby Bones hosted the show when Ryan was ill

Speaking on this issue, Seacrest was cheerful to have returned to his position as the host of the famous talent show, American Idol.

He stated:

“American Idol has been my home for 17 seasons and I can’t wait to return to the stage,”. It’s the greatest gift to be able to play a part in discovering new talent with a franchise that has been such a relevant part of American culture for so many years.”

As I compose this piece, American Idol is as yet ongoing but being done remotely because of the pandemic, coronavirus. The competitors and judges are generally communicating from their homes and Seacrest is still in charge, making things happen obviously.

Ryan Seacrest has consistently been in the news, particularly being the host of such a major show. Most of these stories are largely bogus. Truth be told, they are on the whole lies being hawked around. At a point, he was said to have incensed Alex Rodriguez for being excessively close to Jennifer Lopez, which he says are altogether fake stories.

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