Is Erykah Badu That Spiritual As Perceived By People?

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu is a legendary American artist, who has a clout that makes her an exceptional entertainer.

Since the presence of Erykah Badu during the 1990s in the American music scene, the singer-songwriter, record producer and actress has been exceptionally persuasive and consistent.

The 50 year old who at a point on schedule, always had a long headgear on her head, has been labeled as a spiritual person by some fanatics of her music.

Regardless of being influenced by R&B, 1970s soul, and 1980s hip hop, Badu’s music has consistently included scriptural allegories and spiritual lyrics, subsequently numerous people think she is a highly spiritual person.

Obviously, being spiritual is no off-base, but Badu says she is far from these theories. According to her, she doesn’t stick to any organized religion. She just sings out of passion and a touch of spirit since music itself is moved by the spirit.

Every time she sings and plays a song, she is at her most spiritual. She believes that’s the way nature made her.


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For over two decades, Badu who is also a DJ, and social activist has impacted many lives with her soothing and her spiritual songs, as people perceive it.

Erykah Badu has been exceptionally reliable with her music crew, who perform with her all these years, and continues to move with ‘fire’.

Badu became associated with the neo soul subgenre in the 1990s and 2000s along with artists such as D’Angelo and Maxwell.

She has additionally been featured in a few films and TV shows including: What Men Want, The Cider House Rules, Blues Brothers 2000, more.

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