Is Fame Truly Depressive And Evil? More Details…

Kanye West, Angelina Jolie and Michael Jackson have all experienced severe depression before

We see them well dressed constantly in broad daylight. Hotshots or celebrities do everything to entertain us constantly. They are always wearing smiles in public just to make their fans or followers feel significantly happy.

But the hard truth is that, a significant number of these celebs are going through a ton of depression secretly. Obviously, this happens naturally to every single individual, but when it rises above a specific level, it then becomes a problem. That’s what most of our celebs go through.

Most VIPs or celebs are depressed. However, because they are celebrities, they scarcely share their encounters with people. Interestingly, out of the lot, if one of them actually accumulates boldness to emerge from their shells to let the cat out of the bag, people then again, troll them, adding to the downturn they are already going through.

Social media has generally been a ‘country’ where entertainers face despondency the most. If an entertainer releases an album; and choose to share via social media for their followers to help in the promotion by sharing, that becomes another issue.

Some fans come to write entirely awful things underneath the comment section just to disrupt the song’s trend. They indirectly pressure the artists just to make them feel their song is ‘wack’. Again, an entertainer choose to change his looks after quite a long while of keeping one face.

Quickly, people go after them to no end, saying all sorts of discouraging words to the artists. Not surprisingly, certain people also assume, all these entertainers are wealthy, thus they’re always looking for some help from them when they see them out in the open. Strangely, if that solicitation isn’t met, these ‘palliards’ sit on social media to stigmatize the said artist’s name or celeb for the self-evident.

Another point: As a matter of fact, if the artist has no vehicle of his own, that is another ‘pressure’ on him, since fans or people start to seek clarification on why it is so. They come against them saying they used their monies on unnecessary things and so forth.

Away from musicians. Comedians also have their own issues as far as depression is concerned. They stand before an enormous crowd to put out their best of funnies to fulfill the crowd. And in doing this, some people make these performers look like ‘buffoons’ trying to make them laugh hysterically. Some of the time, amidst their rib-breaking performance, they even have to cut it short to forestall any humiliation on stage.

Again, people reliably troll them just to make them feel that they are in the wrong profession. As per research, comedians even face more depression that most of their colleague celebs.

Footballers also face issues of such nature, especially when they don’t perform well on the field of play. By and large, footballers, and their coaches or managers are assailed to the degree that, at times, death threats, insults and so forth sets in.

After entertaining people, Celebs lonely walk into their rooms with such a great amount of issues in their minds. Unfortunately, not all of these performers have psychologists who can help them with any stress or misery they might go through.

Depression Can Be Overriden By Having A Meaningful Fun!

For example, when a performer releases a melody, his goal is to see the tune or album ‘fly’. And if that it doesn’t work out as planned, it breeds pressure prompting depression.

Ellen DeGeneres, Dwayne Johnson, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Buzz Aldrin, Pappy Kojo, J.K. Rowling, Angelina Jolie, Wayne Brady, and so forth are some of the famous people who have had the experience of going through depression before.

In fact, many of these famous guys have had mental issues which caused them severe depression, and eventually leading them to commit suicide. They also have issues to settle with their respective families, which is also another ‘Marathon’.

Celebrities, at the height of their fame, are prone to anxiety and depression due to isolation and the feeling of having to meet unreasonable expectations of the public.

For instance, Angelina Jolie at one time opened up about her bouts of depression. She began to have sessions when she was a teenager. She talks about how, during those times, she would cut herself. After her mother died from cancer in 2007, Angelina became depressed again.

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