Is Ghana Going For Another Lockdown?

The President (in white facemask) worried about the situation

Since the presence of Covid, one of the few countries that were applauded for the controlling of the pandemic was Ghana. The nation’s President reliably held talks Live on TV to remind the people of the pandemic and how perilous it is.

President Nana Akufo-Addo in a progression of Live addresses, acquainted strict measures to forestall the rising number of infections. The residents also took note of his call by complying with all the exacting conventions put out by the President, although a couple of the populace was not following the measures.

Notwithstanding, in his last address to the nation on the eighth of November, Nana Akufo-Addo uncovered that, because of the sudden attitude of people to observe the protocols over the most recent couple of months, the pandemic has indeed come hard at the nation with loads of individuals getting infected.

That said, the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has additionally added to the President’s declaration, and has cautioned that, Ghana is probably going to head into another lockdown if the Coronavirus cases keep on rising. According to officials of the Medical Association, if the citizens don’t take care by holding fast to all the conventions well, Ghana may need to go back to lockdown.

Due to the of the ongoing ‘I couldn’t care less disposition’ nature of the dominant part of the people, who don’t practice the measures, Ghana will have no alternative than to go the digression of pushing the people towards harder restrictions [i.e. restriction on parties, and more importantly, a lockdown].

Ghana has noticed a continuous change in the direction of the infection, with an expansion in dynamic cases from the 398 cases recorded 3 weeks ago, to 1,139 dynamic cases, as of Monday, ninth November 2020.

The truth of the matter is, people have now had a good time with the pandemic, therefore go to public social affairs like Funerals, parties, and other functions without observing the important conventions like wearing of masks etc.

The all out number of deaths presently remains at 320, an incredible larger part of them, still, with hidden sicknesses, for example, hypertension, diabetes, ongoing liver infection, and asthma.

Also, the number of daily infections is on the ascent, from a normal of 25 new cases for each day at that point, to a normal of 130 new cases for every day over the span of the most recent fourteen days.

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