Is Rodger Federer About To Become The Richest Athlete In The World?

Three top sportsmen, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Floyd Mayweather are in contention to become the richest character in the worls this year. One extra individual who is tipped to be the first billionaire in the area of tennis is Rodger Federer.

Federer, who is one of the top sports person in the realm of tennis has earned enought prize cash to be the richest. As indicated by, Federer has significant sponsorships and partnerships with blue-chip firms like Rolex, and that has just earned him $900 million.

The site includes that, he as of now has another $200 million from settled upon sponsorship contracts in the months and years ahead. Per figures of Official ATP, it demonstrate that, Federer has won an incredible $129 million in view of his achievements in singles and doubles in tennis.

He additionally banks from his agreement with the Japanese garments producer Uniqlo and parternships with Credit Suisse, Mercedes Benz and Rolex. His yearly income, comprehensive of prize cash and sponsorships, have arrived at a vocation high mark of $93.4 million.

Much the same as boxing, Federer acquires immense monies in the wake of winning each Grand Slam or tennis match-ups. He is said to procure as much as over $2 million dollars in the wake of winning a title in a Grand Slam competition. Federer stands to be combined alongside sportsmen in the very rich people’s club.

Federer, who is a 20-time Grand Slam champion, is the third best male player in the world of tennis at this point. It is obvious, that if Federer in the long run becomes the richest, that would be the first time an athlet in the tennis world has outperformed that record.

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