Is Smartness An Antidote To Swift Economic Growth?

Interacting with smart or bright people is always a learning process, but research has shown that most of these smart peeps are very petty and fastidious. Some believe they are above learning the basic manual tasks that everyone should know. This does not deny the fact that smartys are very inspiring. They inspire people with their knowledge. Intelligence is a great quality, but it offers more features than a high Intelligent Quotient (IQ).

Intelligence is a trait that is very attractive to many people. And it is balanced by mastering the basic abilities of life in the same measure. Intelligence without cleverness is not convincing enough. According to psychologists, intelligence is genetically inherited and comes with a confidence characteristics. It is not acquired as a university degree, but, as mentioned above, is innate, which is biological.

When you meet smart people, it is advisable to choose your words better because they are very good at listening and sometimes very judgmental. They are very smart and very specific in everything they do or say. So does it mean when a country’s population is filled with smart denizens, the economy can grow rapidly?. Well, some believe it does since it has a positive impact.

For others; this topic is controversial. They consider this argument not justified that the number of smart people in a country can grow an economy.

China and India have almost the same population – 1.4 billion people. The US has the third largest population in the world, but with just under 327 million – that’s less than a quarter more than China or India. Until recently, China had one per child family policy, and many couples wanted a male child, so female fetuses were aborted more often than male fetuses. Therefore, the proportion of women in the general population is much lower than usual.

The Chinese government now encourages larger families, especially those who are well educated, but with unprecedented success. Sexual selective abortion is also prevalent in India, where baby boys are more favored for cultural and economic reasons. Women enrich their husband’s family, while the bride’s family loses their daughter and the price of the bride. In both countries, around 112 boys are born each year from 100 girls due to gender selection. So in both China and India, the same number of girls were born.

For this purpose, there seems to be an equal number of smart or intelligent people in these two countries. However, India’s population is growing much faster than China and will soon surpass the latter. In the next few years, it is revealed by specialists that India will be the country with the smartest or intelligent people especially women.

Other groups of psychologists also have an opinion that Jews and Chinese are smarter than any other country. They feel that the Jews are extraordinary – a country with a long history that despite its difficulties and little population, has succeeded and survived.

Meanwhile, the Chinese, as the most populous country in the world, are accustomed to competing for very few resources, forcing most people to take intelligent steps to survive.

Moving on, a Swedish was queried if Intelligence servicemen could help build a country and this is what he had to say, “I am a Swedish, and I will say that the most intelligent countries are Sweden or the Netherlands, because they are always ahead of other countries in the world. Perhaps not in terms of technology or the income generated from tourism or the like, but in terms of their thinking ability, their social and political status.

This deep thinking capacity is generally reflected in their arts and culture, national health system, their way of thinking, how the denizens can decide what their government has to do for that purpose, etc. The Dutch are very democratically intelligent that, they can fight against the government without violence or coup, but with peaceful and decisive demonstrations. They have their own way of facing difficult problems with many wits”.

Candidly, people with high intelligence know many facts and are also abreast with complex relationships between the real facts. Those who do not have that quality see the order of facts, but do not understand the relationship. They tend to think of highly intelligent people as “little experts” because in the end, the results are most real.

Very intelligent people are in most cases, faster than other people in terms of understanding the relationship between facts and are more likely to ask questions about facts when they hear any story. That is the difference between the two!!.

Sometimes it’s very frustrating when an intelligent person comes out of a drawn border. At one point or another, they behave like the know-it-all guys, often unnecessarily explaining “how the plane flew and how it ended,” if you have just asked about travel time. They often compete intellectually because they like to explain things that attract their attention to interested listeners who are not necessarily experts.

I personally think that there are intelligent people everywhere around the world. Every country has one, regardless of gender, race or color. This is in the context of how the history and circumstances of certain people can influence the general “intelligence” of others.

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