Is The Weeknd Thinking About Leaving Music? Full Information Found Here

In a recent interview with the W Magazine, The Weeknd said:

‘I’m going through a cathartic path right now’. He gave the impression that his stage persona will eventually end.

Since 2009, The Weeknd has been performing under the name The Weeknd. During this time, the singer has released five studio albums, four of which reached the number one spot. He won four awards in 2021 despite his boycott of the Grammys.

“I’m going through a cathartic path right now. It’s getting to a place and a time where I’m getting ready to close the Weeknd chapter. I’ll still make music, maybe as Abel, maybe as The Weeknd. But I still want to kill The Weeknd. And I will. Eventually. I’m definitely trying to shed that skin and be reborn.” he said.

The Weeknd expressed that while going for the impending HBO series, ‘The Idol’, he shared that losing his voice because of his acting career really put things into perspective.

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The singer found it challenging to shift from his onstage persona to his character in the upcoming television show who does not know how to sing. This shift was challenging for the singer and came with its own consequences.

The Weeknd said,

“But I did panic when I lost my voice. I had to rest and reflect and think about The Weeknd and Tedros and all that had happened with the show.”

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