Israel Bans All Airlines From Entering The Country

The international airport of Israel will be closed down for about 7 days after the government prohibited every one of all flights rolling in from different spots (non-Israeli aircrafts).

This decision comes after the new variation of Coronavirus has showed up in several countries, thus officials’ strict measures to prevent the variation from entering the country.

The measures has already taken effect and will go on until January 31, 2021, as declared by a joint statement from the Prime Minister’s Office and the Health Ministry.

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Israeli carriers are also confronting impermanent restrictions on their working licenses, which means they are additionally expected to drop all flights, with exemptions allowed on withdrawing flights if they are for clinical treatment, legal issues that require investment, or to take into consideration participation at the memorial service of a family member.

Foreign carriers might be permitted to land in Israel if the flight is a health related crisis departure or a payload plane.

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