Israel Laryea – The Gentle And Influential Anchorman

Israel Laryea

There are several TV anchors and media characters in Ghana, in fact in the world, but about who carries out the responsibility best is another question. For you to recognize a good TV anchor or moderator, all you need to do is to pay special mind to Eloquence, certainty, appeal, control of the language, elocutions and top of it all, personality. Israel Laryea, one of Ghana’s best TV characters has every one of these characteristics that makes him a novel in his field.

Israel Laryea is a Ghanaian broadcast journalist, news editor and anchor and a program host with Multimedia Broadcasting Ltd’s JoyNews Television. Israel is the fundamental news anchor at JoyNews Television who possesses our screens each day on the network. He has gathered up such a great amount of adoration for himself because of his style of delicate presentation be it news reading or any primary program.


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His profound and refined voice in addition to his expert articulation causes him to outmaneuver the rest. Israel Laryea who has been in the media space for well more than twenty years and tallying, is an award winning broadcaster with so much experience. He has worked with Cable News Network (CNN) and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) as an independent journalist.

Beginning as a TV production assistant, Israel Laryea’s fantasy was to show up on TV one day. Furthermore, consistent with his aspiration, he has developed from that point to be an extraordinary voice over artist, event host / moderator and a media strategist. He has Over 15 Awards including — Best African Journalist from CNN/Multichoice and has additionally edited more than 500 articles for production.

Israel Laryea is constantly appreciative to one of Ghana’s media houses, Media General (TV3 network) for his beginning days as a news broadcaster on their platform. He hopped on that opportunity to become a fine news editor with so much profound information in that field. Through Israel’s educational foundation, he has studied such huge numbers of courses both in the news coverage field and outside the media space. Some include: Oil and Gas, marketing and mining.

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