It’s Always A Beautiful Experience At The Ankasa Resource Reserve. Let’s Go For A Tour!

The act of travelling or sightseeing, especially away from one’s house is something lovely to experience. Research has revealed that, having a good time (fun), especially travelling or going for sightseeing helps you with living long. Tourism itself has brought a ton of duty revenue to numerous nations in the world, and Ghana is no special case.

There a considerable amount of sightseeing in Ghana. As a matter of fact, visiting Ghana is practically similar to being in ‘Paradise’ because of the country’s numerous alluring spots. But one of the thrilling spots to be in Ghana as a vacationer is the Ankasa Resource Reserve.

Known as the Ankasa-Nini-Suhien National Park and Resource Reserve, they are situated near the bordertown of Elubo, some 1-hour 45minutes drive west of Takoradi. This 490km2 of unblemished wet evergreen timberland is a zone of extraordinary natural magnificence and extravagance with exactly 300 plant species for each hectare.

Its 43 well evolved creature species include: Bongo, backwoods elephants and 10 primate species including the endemic Diana Monkey, and the jeopardized West African Chimpanzee. Around here at Ankasa Reserve, you get to experience the rich bird life, which includes parrots, horn-bills and the intriguing white fronted guinea fowl.

The invigorating part about being at Ankasa Reserve is that, the region has been assigned as an International Biosphere Reserve to act as a nature museum for research. In this way, researchers and scientists can also be a part of the fun and excitement, which for them, I call their experience as “Work And Happiness”.

Other fascinating features with regards to Ankasa are hiking trails, trees and twines of remarkable formation, river cascades, “Bamboo Cathedral” and Lodges constructed to make the visitor a bedfellow of nature. It has unique vegetation and humid air of the jungle.

The climate at the hold is erratic and travelers are encouraged to bring waterproof shells while visiting. It can also be visited from neighboring ocean side retreat regions like Axim, Jewi Wharf, Elubo, Busua and Cape Three Points (all in Ghana).

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On appearance here, there are various tourist activities at Ankasa, and they include: Game survey, Bird watching, Hiking/Nature walk, and so on. The truth of the matter is that, there have been numerous guests who have been to this spot and have not returned that very day because of the beauty, feel and fervor here.

For those sightseers who are that ‘addicted’ to nature, this is your place. Come have some good time and explore the excellence and air thrills here.

Unfortunately, while exploring the Ankasa Reserve, I realized that, authorities in charge of this place need to design a compelling marketing technique to draw in more visitors to the area, which will ultimately generate more revenue to the local occupants living in and around the community.

Hi! You’re Welcome to the Ankasa-Nini-Suhien National Park and Resource Reserve!

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