It’s Now Official- Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are Legally Married

JLo and Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have legally gotten married following their reconciliation in the wake of dissolving their engagement the initial time.

The two have at long last sealed the deal! As per court records obtained by TMZ, the couple got legally married in Clark County, Nevada on Saturday July 16.

The marriage has been filed under their lawful names, Benjamin Geza Affleck and Jennifer Lynn Lopez, genuinely committing to the responsibility a substantial bond. Recently, they announced their engagement a second time when Lopez shared the details in her pamphlet.

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A source close to the couple also affirmed to the power source that the couple had without a doubt tied the knot. Affleck and JLO have had a story one for the big screens as they first got engaged two decades ago but could not reach the aisle as according to them the media attention had made their relationship difficult to navigate.

The two headed out in a different direction in 2004 until April 2021 when the “Marry Me” actress canceled her engagement with MLB’s Alex Rodriguez.

Following an extended period of dating through the pandemic, the couple announced their engagement a second time through Lopez’s newsletter.

In early April, the 52-year-old singer posted a video on her official website in which she is seen sobbing and staring at her engagement ring. Jennifer’s green engagement ring became a hot issue at the time as all fans had been rooting for the couple to get back together.

Now, they have been snapped taking a walk together connected at the hip while visiting a vehicle sales center. Lopez has also been spotted visiting the Argo filmmaker on the set of his most up to date project.

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