It’s Official: Ghana Legalizes Marijuana

Ghana’s Parliament has denoted a noteworthy achievement by legalizing marijuana (weed) cultivation for medical and industrial purposes, lining up with the global energy embracing the diverse advantages of the marijuana.

This difficult decision, made on December 14, 2023, awards the Interior Minister the position to give licenses, introducing an extraordinary period in Ghana’s marijuana regulations.

Ghana’s obligation to realizing marijuana’s true capacity was highlighted by the entry of the Narcotics Control Commission Act 2020 (Act 1019).

This move lines up with a global flood of nations bridling the capability of the marijuana industry, which was assessed to be valued at 30 billion dollars in global Gross domestic product (GDP) in January 2022.

Many Countries Are Now Legalizing Cannabis. Here’s Why

Licensing cover the entire spectrum of cannabis-related activities, including cultivation, processing, distribution, sale, import, and export.

In terms of critique, these licenses adhere to stringent THC content standards, limiting levels to 0.3% on a dry weight basis.

Experts claim that if the cannabis industry is properly managed and regulated along the value chain, Ghana’s economic issues may be remedied because cannabis has the capacity to flourish in every part of the country. Others also have a different opinion.

Key area which is expected to benefit essentially is the employment sector.

As Ghana sets out on this groundbreaking excursion, the nation remains at the bleeding edge of weed industry development in Africa.

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