It’s Six Years Already, And Jurgen Klopp Speaks About His Experience

Jurgen Klopp has revealed the biggest surprise to him after taking over as Liverpool manager in 2015, applauding the supporters and the people of Merseyside simultaneously.

Today (Friday October 8) stamps exactly six (6) years since Klopp took over as the manager of Liverpool.

The German took the flatware back to Merseyside all the while, winning the Premier League, Champions League, Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup up until this point.

It has been a long and amazing career for Klopp, who went from player to being a manager at Mainz, prior to boosting his standing at Dortmund and afterward continuing on to Liverpool.

As indicated by the 54-year-old, he was not exactly ready for the size of the club, however has been very shocked with the warm reception of the fans.

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“The passion. I knew about it, but not the extent of it. So the love for the club”

“Liverpool FC is obviously a massive club, a worldwide brand and stuff like this, but inside we are really small – in a good way. So really together.

“At Mainz I was a player and then a coach, so I never had to change anything.

“I could wear the same clothes, nobody asked me to behave like I’m the manager, it was just the day before I was a player, so why should I change? That was pretty easy-going.

“Then I went to Dortmund and thought I had to change, big club, stuff like this.

“In the beginning, I wore jeans and a shirt on the sidelines, just because I thought you cannot run around constantly like a tramp or whatever, wearing a tracksuit.

“After four or five games I thought ‘come on, it’s all fine, go back to the tracksuit’.

“Then you come to Liverpool and you start thinking again that’s the case. But I was obviously already grown-up, matured, and didn’t have to change again.

“So that’s really nice, that you can be who you are, how you are, or can stay who you are, how you are, in such a massive club.

“It was a surprise about that, maybe not a surprise, so [I was] really pleased.”

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