It’s Unfortunate But Ne-Yo Is About Divorcing His Wife

Ne-Yo and wife, Crystal Smith

Following four years of an excellent marriage between American artist Ne-Yo and his significant wife Crystal Smith, all has ended as an affirmation has originated from Ne-Yo himself that, he has at long last part with his cute spouse.

Gossipy tidbits have been going round for as far back as three weeks about their partition. It was vague with respect to whether the divorce was a reality but at last, the affirmation has come. The couple had two kids and Ne-Yo has guaranteed never to speak awful about his ex, on account of the children.

As per the Singer, there’s nothing terrible to state about her. Ne-Yo says Crystal Smith is a fabulous woman and will consistently regard her. Nonetheless, the singer admitted that Smith has demons simply like every other person, including himself. Their
demons don’t work and until the two take a few to get back some composure of their own devils, it’s going to be only hard for them to remain wedded.

Ne-Yo says the two will always be family regardless of the separation. Interestingly, another source additionally uncovers that, Crystal has had enough of him and has reliably contemplated it to leave him.

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