Jacinta’s ‘One Night Stand’ Show Was Beautiful, Wisecracking And Historic


Comedienne Jacinta assured Ghanaians she was going to give them a comedy show of their lives, and genuinely it was delightfully delivered. ‘One Night Stand‘ was the title of the show, and the National Theatre was completely filled by patrons.

The show began on time, with fans anxious to appreciate Jacinata and her partners. As the Queen of satire, Jacinta’s ‘One Night Stand’ evidenced her title, as she broke the ribs of the a large number of people effortlessly. Additionally, guest comedians captured everyone’s attention with their natural and sterling performance.

Patrons who made it to the National Theatre last Saturday had a time of their lives as they were treated to great music and a series of top-notch comedy headlined by the actress and comedienne Jacinta Ocansey.

The launch of the show was also fortifying, as one of the best music groups The Kwan Dad Band gave a sparkling performance with a tall rundown of tunes which had the crowd on their feet, singing along and dancing.

Interestingly, Clemento Suarez was the MC, and he added some kind of ‘Flavor’ to the show on the evening.

Parrot Mouth was the first comedian who stood in front of the audience and he gave a good account of himself telling wisecracks about condoms which were given to celebrity and VVIP guests as well as President Akufo-Addo and President Buhari of Nigeria.

Patrons came in their numbers

Comedienne Afia Barcelona also came face to face with the audience, but she live up to expectations, according to most fans. They thought Afia was becoming excessively tedious at a point and was repeating herself.

Another fine comedian Forster Romanus didn’t dishearten. He indeed gave a satisfying gig with his awesome stage show. One ‘Killer and rib breaking’ point that moved the crowd was when he played around the hard financial circumstance that has made criminals change their strategies.

The President of the land was also not saved as Forster Romanus respectfully ‘prepared’ a satire about Akufo-Addo. Not surprisingly, he interweaved his acts with some singing and rapping and the crowd were blown away.

Basketmouth Speechless About Why Corrupt Politicians Are Always Left Free..

OB Amponsah added to the already dividing ribs of the crowd by telling jokes about Nigerians and Kasoa ( a famous suburb in Ghana)…

He shared his experience to a Nigerian macho hairdresser in Kasoa who had no mirror in his barbering shop.

OB also shared his experience with Uber drivers as well as how people with huge stomachs give photographic artists directions when they are taking pictures.

Nigeria’s Buchi was also fantastic with his jokes which was centered on a policeman holding a gun and shouting ‘Help Me, Help Me’. There were also ones about life in Lagos and the fact that he loves Ghana because Ghana is very calm. His experiences as a tourist in Kenya also went very well with the audience.

Jacinta was on stage for hours

Then came the moment everybody has been waiting for, the entrance of the woman of the night, Jacinta Mamacita Ocancey. Every minute on stage with Jacinta was simply exceptional and mind-blowing.

Wearing a short brown dress with white tennis shoes, she warmed her direction into the hearts of the crowd by offering thumbs up to all female musicians and saying that social media will be at her if she decides to drop a single. Names like Emelia Brobbey, Hajia4Real and Rosemond Brown came up at this point.

Jacinta touched on several areas of comedy during her time, including the just ended EMY Awards, Gas (originators of Accra) and Homowo and the way Gas are able to have a whole month of quietness prior to Homowo.

There was also the bit about how she grew up in Lagos but was never robbed in Lagos and how Ghana is the only place we sell First Aid Boxes and dogs in traffic.

Additionally, Jacinta shared her experience on how she purchased a canine in traffic and it ended up seeming like a feline back home. Jacinta also joked about the way that at Kwame Nkrumah Circle, they sell everything besides visa.

As a matter of fact, her enormous campaign going to all media houses to publicize ‘One Night Stand With Jacinta’ has paid off. It was a successful show that is arguably one of the historic events as far as a woman holding such a pressed and rib-breaking satire show is concerned.

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