Jackson Staggered, But Now Becomes The First Black Woman To…

Erin Jackson

Speedskater Erin Jackson became the first Black woman to win Team USA a gold medal in speed skating on Sunday February 13.

She won gold in the women’s 500-meter speedskating rush to a fast time of 37.04 seconds. This is additionally her first gold decoration for his country.

Out of euphoria, Jackson wrote on social media (Instagram):

“Olympic champion,” “It’s going to take me a while to process those words.”

With such accomplishment, she was praised by fans and other athletes including the US Speed Skating team who also wrote,

“You deserve every second of this!!!! Soak it in.”

Erin had a terrible story of how she came to Beijing to represent her country. Regardless of being positioned No. 1 in the world, Erin staggered during the Olympic preliminaries, imperiling her pursuit for gold.

However, in a demonstration of true sportsmanship, her dear friend and fellow skater Brittany Bowe made it a point to give Erin her spot.

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Erin Jackson was extremely stunned and simultaneously, exceptionally happy for the love shown her by Brittany.

Britanny Bows also said:

“Just for her to do something like this for me, it’s amazing,” she said. “I’m just incredibly grateful. I’m really humbled, and she’s just an amazing person.”

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