Jamie Foxx Returns From The Hospital In Good Condition

Actor Jamie Foxx has made a first public appearance after the hospitalization brouhaha that encompassed him in April 2023.

In a new video shared, Foxx is by all accounts in an excellent health. Jamie Foxx was hospitalized for a ‘unexpected issue’ while he was shooting a movie in Atlanta.

The actor’s close friends and family were told that his condition was very bad. He was then visited by lots of people including friends at the hospital.

Jamie Foxx’s health battle has been kept hidden with a few hypotheses going crazy about his wellbeing. Even though his daughter provided an update on his health in May 2023, Jamie Foxx was recently photographed for the first time in public despite health issues.

On Sunday, July 9, TMZ published a video of Jamie Foxx’s first appearance in public since his hospitalization.

The actor was in a boat on a Chicago stream and appeared to be in a better health condition. He even made a sign of peace for the cameraman in a boat which was occupied by some other visitors too.

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Jamie Foxx’s video comes only half a month after it was affirmed that the entertainer was recovering from his ailment.

In the past, he also thanked his followers via Instagram in a note that read, “Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed.”

Back in May 2023, Jamie Foxx’s daughter Corinne Fox said,

“Update from the family: Sad to see how the media runs wild. My Dad has been out of the hospital for weeks, recuperating. In fact, he was playing pickleball yesterday! Thanks for everyone’s prayers and support!’ Corinne also further teased fans about ‘exciting work announcement.”

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