Japan’s New Prime Minister To Implement An Economic Stimulus Package Worth At Least $290 Billion

On the fourteenth of October, Japan was stunned to hear that their Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has dissolved the country’s Parliament’s lower house, making way for an upcoming general elections later this month, as he tries to stir support for his recently formed government.


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The elections, which will be held on October 31, will be Fumio Kishida’s first significant test after he won the ruling party’s leadership race on September 29 and was officially named Japan’s 100th Prime Minister on October 4.

Local media reports have proposed the Ruling Liberal Democratic Party, headed by Kishida, desires to exploit the new cross country decrease in Covid-19 cases to rustle up support for the party.

Prime Minister Kishida has vowed to raise salaries for the working class and execute a financial boost package definitely worth $290 billion to restore the world’s third-biggest economy,- – as indicated by Reuters’ report.

He is poised to support the government’s Covid-19 reaction and has said that, he would give free antibody sponsor shots as right on time as December 2021.

The Prime Minister has also swore to advance a free and open Indo-Pacific in the midst of rising pressures with China and North Korea.

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