Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck’s Beautiful Gold Christmas Tree

Jennifer Lopez has shared a brief look at her and Ben Affleck’s staggering Christmas tree in their $60 million home, as she longs for a gold Christmas!

Lopez took fans inside the couple’s $60 million chateau through an Instagram post on Tuesday December 12 and provided them with a view on their fantastic Christmas tree, which is decorated with gold ornaments.

Lopez, 54, was wearing a festive dress in the Instagram pictures, wearing a long, grayish brocade skirt decorated with shimmering silver butterflies. A white button-down blouse with an embroidered blouse was worn to match with it.

She appeared to pull motivation from the exquisite Christmas tree by decorating with enormous silver studs and a matching layered pearl belt, in addition to a thick gold wristband. The tall tree was enriched with gold leaves, balls and grapes.

The silver and white bees on J-Lo’s sparkling silver platform shoes added even more interest. She also kept her honey brunette hair in a basic braid and went with nonpartisan shades for her cosmetics.

She matched the look with shimmering silver heels that highlighted gold trim and honey bee embellishments.

Jennifer Lopez’s ‘This Is Me…Now’ Album: Date Of Release Out!

On her Instagram Story, Lopez promoted her stunning outfit and her forthcoming single, “Can’t Get Enough,” which will be released on January 10, 2024. She recently shared her three-step guide to the “perfect” red lip.

The song is the first single from her album and accompanying movie, “This Is Me… Now.” A letter that Affleck wrote her in 2002 while they were dating was included in the trailer for her upcoming movie, which was co-written by Ben Affleck himself.

“Life’s tough but you’re sweet,” the Academy Award winner, Ben Affleck wrote.

“Thanks for the gift. Hope you like the flowers. You told me you could never have enough. I believe you.”

Before splitting up in 2004, the infamous couple dated and got engaged. After she split from Alex Rodriguez in 2021, they reconnected, and in 2022, they tied the knot.

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