Jennifer Lopez Announces Her New Album ‘This Is Me… Now’, Guess What She Did

Jennifer Lopez shocked fans after she deleted all her Instagram posts earlier this week. Later, the actress-singer shared a video, announcing her new music album.

She also temporarily changed her profile picture to a black circle after deleting all of her Instagram posts.

After completely deleting all of her posts on her official Instagram page, the well-known singer-actress left her fans and followers in shock. The American actress, 53, also changed her profile pictures for a while on all social media accounts, including Instagram and Twitter.

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However, a few of the singer-actress’s admirers had the hunch that she had made the decision to reset her Instagram page in preparation for the release of her new album.

Even the internet users pointed out that this album is related to her 2002 release of her third studio album, “This Is Me… Then.”Because Jennifer Lopez’s name was written in the same font as the album’s title, which was released in 2002, the fans reached at this conclusion.

In all of these, Jennifer Lopez has finally released her new album, titled “This Is Me… Now,” contrary to rumor. The well-known singer posted a special video to her official Instagram handle to share the exciting update.

In the video, Jennifer Lopez’s progression of events in regular succession from the hour of the arrival of ‘This Is Me… Then’ to the arrival of ‘This Is Me… Now’ is shown perfectly.

In an official statement, it is portrayed that the new album clears way for another period for the famous vocalist. According to reports, the album contains songs that are confessional, reflections on the challenges she faced in the past, upbeat celebrations of love, and some of her most vulnerable truths.

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