Jennifer Lopez Was Incredible During Our Beautiful Times: A-Rod!

Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez had their marriage going down the tubes quite recently. Now, everyone has moved on. Up until recently, both JLo and Rodriguez never spoke much about their ‘dead’ marriage, as they are having good times in their new ‘world’ respectively.

However, in a recent interview, Alex Rodriguez has described Jennifer Lopez as an incredible woman. According to him, five years with JLo was a wonderful partnership and furthermore with his little girls.

He added that, they’re so thankful throughout the previous five years, and presently considering how they will improve the next five years on account of lessons learned. He now wants to see his young girls grow. That is it!


Is Jennifer Lopez Truly Back To Ben Affleck?

Back in May, a “source near J.Lo” said Rodriguez was struggling with her and Ben, saying he was “was having a hard time with her and Ben, saying he was “saddened” about their relationship and reached out to let her know “he’s upset.” Meanwhile, his most recent remarks come as J.Lo unfollowed him on Instagram and erased all their photographs together.

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