Jeremie Van-Garshong’s Broadcasting Style – A High Standard Of Journalism

Jeremie Van-Garshong

Jeremy’s voice is the thing that makes her distinct among the rest. The smooth, unmistakable and sieved voice of Jeremie Van-Garshong has never failed her. The fine broadcaster has worked with lots of tenable media organizations in Ghana and beyond– which include: Vibe FM, Live FM, YFM and others.

For voice-overs, Jeremie has done huge loads of them both on TV and radio for several individuals and organizations. Quite a while back, 4syte TV (one of the best entertainment TV stations on the continent) had fantastic matched hosts for their programs.

Jeremie and Jay Foley (the current host of Prime Morning on Joy Prime TV) were one of the teams who were extremely remarkable during their days on the network.

Indeed, the lucid combination between the two was essentially awesome that, they were a measuring tool for most media owners, and a stepping stone for large numbers of most Ghanaian TV and radio moderators of today.

A ton of the current presenters in Ghana and on the African continent were impacted by Jeremie and Jay Foley’s style of presentation. As a professional host, Jeremy is consistently considerate of the guest’s needs. She has the command over the English language, and has consistently demonstrated why she is a standout amongst other TV and radio hosts.


Why Jay Foley Is An Exceptional Broadcaster!

Getting going as a telecaster, she had approximately couple of criticisms from people. They thought she had a phony accent, despite the fact that she speaks well and made people, particularly the young and young at heart love listening and watching her. Notwithstanding, after some time, the general population undoubtedly became acquainted with her.

Jeremie is an encapsulation of professional broadcast journalism, who has paid her dues in the media space, particularly in Ghana.

In spite of the fact that Jeremie had to battle thyroid cancer for a decade, she still never abandoned her career, but instead grew a special faith in God Almighty.

Jeremie has however, availed herself for God to use her to heal broken women, and has raised a generation of empowered ladies who build each other up. The voice over artist has encouraged young women to embrace themselves fully with their identity in Christ.

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