Joe Biden Ready To Get Off To A Good Start After Electoral Victory Confirmation

U.S President elect, Joe Biden

After confirmation of victory in the elections by the US electoral college, which was to some degree dawdling, President elect Joe Biden has at long last voiced out that, another page is set to be turned in America to ‘Unite and to Heal’.

As indicated by him, after the democracy of the US had been pushed, tested and undermined, it has demonstrated to be resilient, valid and solid.

Biden has since censured the endeavor by President Donald Trump to defer each necessary cycle after the outcomes. Confirmation by the electoral college was one of the means needed for Mr Biden to get down to business.

Joe Biden won November’s challenge with 306 electoral college votes to Republican Donald Trump’s 232.

Meanwhile, Mr Biden has applauded all persons who had refused to be intimidated, alluding to the president’s efforts to address and upset the outcomes, including legal challenges which have been dismissed by courts the nation over. He described the efforts as a position so extraordinary the nation has never seen before.

“Respecting the will of the people is at the heart of our democracy, even when we find those results hard to accept,” he said.

Biden further accepted that, since the Covid pandemic keeps on attacking the US, there would be challenges months ahead, particularly when the Covid loss of life in the US – has transcended 300,000,– the nation most pessimistic scenario.

Since the official election is ended, with States confirming votes, it is normal that President Trump will put the nation first, invest heavily in his impressive achievements, and help president-elect Biden get off to a decent beginning.

A month ago, President Trump said he would leave office in January if Mr Biden is confirmed as the election winner by the electoral college. But he has kept on making unverified cases of election fraud.

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