Jonas: A Multimillionaire To Be The Next Prime Minister?

Jonas Gahr Støre

He is a multimillionaire and the son of a shipbroker and a librarian. Jonas Gahr Støre will likely be the new Prime Minister of Norway.

Jonas Gahr Støre, whose fortune came from his family’s sale of their oven manufacturing company, has acquired the post running as the leader of the Labor Party in Norway.

His wealth is simply ‘something else’, and as per him, his finances are not ordinary. As a business tycoon, Støre is trying his hands in politics.

As an alum of the Paris Institute of Political Studies and a former teaching staff at Harvard Law School, the 61-year-old government official campaigned on a platform of higher taxes for the affluent and fiscal relief for low-and middle income families.


An Outlook Of Norway’s Economy And Culture

He is by all accounts very ready for the work as Prime Minister of the Scandinavia country. Jonas Gahr Støre has been a member of parliament beginning around 2009 and party leader starting around 2014.

He also filled in as foreign and health minister and, before that, as an executive at the World Health Organization in Geneva.

Several of his colleagues at the political theory division at Uio’s, also have the greatest trust in him being the Prime Minister of the country.

They figure Jonas Gahr Støre ought to unquestionably not be ignored or looked down on as a rich wannabe legislator, as he has been an unmistakable government official for a long time.

Obviously, he is confronting challenges prior to the elections, but the probability of him driving the Norway political race isn’t that ‘weak’. Who knows- – he may ultimately be the winner.

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