Jordan Plans To Help Other Countries, As They Control Their COVID-19 Cases

Jordan has announced it’s aim of sending doctors and clinical supplies to the US as the country has facilitated its own national lockdown measures. This was made known publicly by the King of Jordan, Abdullah II.

Jordan has seen improvement since its lockdown in March 2020 as it has lessened the heightening contamination cases. In established truth, Jordan from the beginning acted rapidly decisively when the deadly pandemic jumped onto the scene.

Strict laws were set up for any individual who violates the lockdown measures, and that has helped in the COVID-19 fight.

While other countries like the US are tallying a huge number of infected individuals consistently, Jordan is having under twenty cases each week which delineates that things have gotten leveled out and within the capabilities of Jordan’s clinical and health institutions.

King Abdullah thinks numerous people and countries have helped Jordan in battling COVID-19 and decreasing the number of cases, in this manner they thus would need to likewise help other people like the US get out of it. He advised other governments to keep cooperating to fight the virus.

The King in a speech in Jordan stated:

“Unless we work together, we will not be able to overcome this in the way that we need to. Our enemies of yesterday or those that were not friendly countries yesterday, whether we like it not, are our partners today.”

Meanwhile, Jordanian authorities declared plans to lift lockdown measures in the three southern governorates of Tafilah, Karak and Ma’an, which have not recorded any new coronavirus cases since the flare-up started in March.

Residents will presently be permitted to leave their homes somewhere in the range of 10am and 6pm, with authorities checking the circumstance intently. Jordan is the first country in the locale to facilitate its lockdown measures.

By and by, as per State Minister for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh, public social events, including wedding ceremonies, will stay restricted until further notification. Schools, colleges, mosques and places of worship will also stay shut.

Jordan has a low number of COVID-19 cases, totalling 425 affirmed infections as at now including seven deaths.

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