Joyce Blessing Says It’s Better To Work, Earn Money And Reinvest In Your Career

Joyce Blessing

Joyce Blessing is one of Ghana’sfinest Gospel performers who has been under record Label since her entrance into Gospel music. She initially began with MediaExcel and then, at that point moved to Zylofon Music (a big music record label in Ghana).


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However fortunate as she may be, Joyce Blessing didn’t have it very difficult prior to being held in the hands by these labels. The award winning gospel artist is currently all alone – derand with a young supervisory team.

As indicated by Blessing, in spite of the fact that she was sufficiently lucky to have worked with some fine record labels, she now and again buckled down, did other small businesses besides her music, to bring in some cash to help the record label to develop her career as a musician.

Speaking in a radio interview on Saturday 21 August, since she left these labels to do her own thing, it’s been good for her. She now buckles down, make side monies, apart from music and reinvest in herself. She says she feels extremely fine now without necessarily being ‘handled’ in any case by anybody.

Speaking passionately about this subject, Joyce Blessing encouraged other artists to go make some side monies to grow their brand just as she is doing.

She thinks this will help build a superior brand for what’s to come. Doing this will also make your brand exceptionally strong and sound, and even create avenues for ambassadorial arrangements for you– she said.

All things considered, some school of thought disagree with Joyce’s declaration. They say working with a record label is significantly more better compared to being a singular artist.

A few months back, Joyce Blessing encountered marriage issues, with bunches of discussions encompassing that issue. And so, some people induce she is talking out of pain that emerged from her last marriage. In fact, her ex husband was once her manager.

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