Julia Flesher Koch Is Named As One Of The Richest Women In The World

Julia Flesher Koch

Many women are endeavoring to be successful in life while others are lucky enough to be inheritors of fortunes left for them. It’s very unfortunate but in many social orders, women are found in the public eye as the most powerless and insignificant hence are not given the necessary affirmation in all circles of life.

For Julia Flesher Koch, it’s an alternate story for her. The American socialite who is currently one of the richest women on the planet, is the spouse of the late billionaire industrialist David Koch. Julia’s worth which is at $61.6 billion is a deciding variable to make her probably the wealthiest woman alive.

Per insights of both Forbes and Bloomberg, she is the third-most richest woman in the world soon after Francoise Bettencourt Meyers and Alice Walton. The latter are at the top before Julia Koch shows up on the list.

About her riches, Julia acquired billions of dollars evaluated to be more than $53 billion after her late spouse David Koch died in August 2019. The two were hitched for a long time with three kids before the 79 year old’s demise.

Surprisingly, Julia Koch met David Koch on a blind date set up by companions in January 1991 and that was the start of their marriage wayfare. Before David kicked the bucket, he and his sibling Charles Koch were positioned seventh on most richest Americans, as indicated by the Forbes 400 wealthiest list.

David Koch deserted more than $143 million worth of real estate in New York City, the Hamptons, Aspen, and Florida. Julia Koch isn’t just rich but a performer, who also cherishes fashion too. In 1998, Vogue editor chose her to fill in as co-chairwoman for Met Gala due to her fashion sense.

Julia Flesher Koch is the leader of the David H. Koch Foundation, which has given more than $200 million to different causes including science and medicinal research, educational and arts.

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